2016 Donations were made in honor of and in memory of the following individuals:

Frances Africano
by George & Linda French, Albert & Sharon Gettemeier, Grace & Barry Kopecky, Carol Lay, Mary Mohrmann, Susan Pagano, Evelyn & John Quargnenti, Marck & Karen Vaughn
Adell Bossomo
by Boss Metal Fabricators, Bob & Cheryl Bossomo
Norman Bowers
by Esther & Randy Bowers, Vernon, Barbara & Mark Bowers, Dorothy Boyher, Mary Beth Farkas, Richard Horvath, Ruth Malottki, Sandra Myers, Dolores Pils
Captain Coleman
by Dick Benach
Ellie Dressell by Virginia Barrett, Kathleen Buckman, Frank & Jean Guenther, Walter & Peggy McCullison, Mary Jane Schnorf, Terry Wynn
Sheryl Kay Evans
by Don Ceresia
Christina Hoffschwelle
by Laura Aldridge, MaryAnn Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Barteau, Kathy & Greg Barnett, Commerce Bank, Elaine Deters (Aunt Ardeth), Mike & Lisa Dulle, Robert Geary, The Goldstein Family, Mary Hoffschwelle, Sara Hoffschwelle, Sharon Hoffschwelle, Jacqueline Kelpe, Nancy Kersting, Michelle & Jerry Kester, Jr., Marjorie Kolb, Doretha Lee, Mary Ligbel, Mary & Philip Pettit, Marlene S. Phillip Trust, Mary Jane Schnorf, Edward Schuler, Nancy & Tim Student with Gary Hatt,
Tim Murphy
by Patricia Bovier, Zina Hollar, Mary McDevitt, Mary Jane Schnorf
John Alan Ortwig, Jr.
by Glennon Albers, Paul & Joann Schrage
Lester Rigoni
by Joyce Finazzo
Joan Schrage
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Colleen Wolf
by Steve and Charlotte Frank
Michaela “Micky” Zykan
by John & Lynda Ortwig

2014-2015 Donations were made in honor of and in memory of the following individuals:

Shirley Anderson
by Helen Brown, Susan Gligros, Jim & Ann Holtman, and Pat Weise
Tommy Baldwin
by Ken & Laura Keim
Robert Barfield
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Fay Berwald
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Joe Bertoglio
by Mary Jane Schnorf
Don Blaisdell
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Raymond Boekemeyer
by Andrew Olree
Adell Bossomo
by Boss Metal Fabricators, Bob & Cheryl Bossomo
Vivian Boyer
by Joyce Finazzo
Craig Busken
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Judy Chappie
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Patrick Click
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Dan Collins
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Mary Desmond
by Vernon & Betty Schmitz
Eugene Genail
by Anita Allison, John & Marge Getz, Judy Horrell, Matthew Medical Books, and Vic & Diane Wright
John Grib
by John & Lynda Ortwig
GeeGee Guyre
by Patricia Wilson
Zelda Hendon
by Colleen & Carl Wolf
Sally Howell
by Dr. Ray E. Howell*
Gene Hutchens
by Lisa Geers
Robert F. Hyink
by Grace Zykan
Carroll Joins
by Georgia & Dennis Hamilton
Delores Keenoy
by Al Conrad,Virginia Cook, Dean & Sandy Corgan, Nelda Devine, Dan & Beth Grote, Tom & Laura Harris, Bitsy Keenoy, Frederic McCall, The Oglesby Family, John & Debbie Plassmeyer, Katie & Steve Schmidt, Mary Jane & Katie Schnorf, Eve Theler, and Dana Thompson
Glenda Kuykendall
by Candace Conkwright
Jerry Lafeber
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Tim Levins
by Mary Jane Schnorf
Gerald Lindemann
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Robert Lindemann
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Shirley McClure
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Lou Miller
by Thurin & Carolyn Simms
Nancy Nelson
by Carol Crawford
Steven Orf
by Paul D. Orf
Wallace Page
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Marvin Reidel
by John & Lynda Ortwig
Linda Shannon
by Carrol & Lila Joins
Brian Shorley
by The Wayne Behrens Family, Don & Amanda Ceresia, Sandy & Michael Gray, Sandra Helmrich, Linda & Don Holterman, Tonia Johnson, Debra & Robert Kricensky, Diana & Darryl Mensinger, Russell & Denise Muenz, Jeffrey & Rhonda Proske, Gary, Nancy Granny, Michael & Missy Remaklus, Daniel Reuber, Dennis Reuber, Mary Jane Schnorf, Janet Schubert, and Cynthia & Ronald Yelverton
Margaret Sloss
by Ralph & Janet Luecke
Iris Winn
by Mary Jane Schnorf
June Wagoner
by Frank & Jean Guenther
Jim Younker
by Mary Jane Schnorf

Thank you for your contributions in their honor.

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