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Strong business demand is continuing to create job opportunities for qualified adults with developmental disabilities.


Valley Industries has job openings for adults with developmental disabilities. The ideal candidates for employment:

  • Applicants under the age of 25 must have a Letter of Closure from VR in order to apply for employment in a sheltered workshop.
  • Have a diagnosed developmental disability or have had a traumatic brain injury before the age of 21.
  • Are a resident of St Louis County.
  • Have a valid social security card
  • Registered with the Family Care Safety Registry for background checks.
  • Have a current Individual Support Plan from St Louis Regional Office which identifies your ability to work in sheltered employment.
  • Meet minimum productivity requirements
  • May have previously tried competitive employment but found they would be more successful in sheltered employment.
  • Be able to work within a group setting
  • Be able to administer your own medications and complete self care tasks independently.
  • Are responsible for their own transportation whether provided by family, staff, themselves, bus, OATS, or Metro Call-A-Ride.

To be considered for employment at Valley Industries eligible candidates should complete an employment application followed by a tour of Valley Industries and onsite job interview for employment consideration.


Why Choose to Work at Valley Industries?
  • Safe, structured supervised ISO 9001:2015 Certified sheltered employment in a beautiful modern 60,000 square foot production facility on 5 acres in Hazelwood Missouri.
  • Robust variety of customer projects which keep workers engaged and allows for rotation among various projects.
  • Opportunity for growth and advancement within production department, retail thrift store, custodial department, sheltered workshop offsite enclave crew, or quality control department.
  • On the Job Training Program for orientation and to help improve job skills.
  • Desirable day time work hours Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • We offer our workers paid benefits including term life, vacation, holiday, and sick pay. We also offer a voluntary 401K plan.
  • Other benefits for those who strive to achieve include quarterly perfect attendance award, worker of the month, worker of the year, king and queen of the Mayors’ Shamrock Ball, service awards in increments of 5 years of service. There are also additional opportunities for social involvement with our monthly dances.
  • Safer access to public transportation. Metro bus #35, #66, #77 pull safely onto the Valley Industries parking lot to drop off employees in the morning, and to pick them up in the afternoon via the Metro Valley Industries Loop.

For more information contact Employee Service Provider Teri Wilson at (314) 731-1771 or email

In the 48 years that Valley Industries has been in business, we have always had a waiting list of people wanting to work here. In the past four years alone, we have hired 65 new workers. We decided to survey our employees to determine why they have chosen sheltered workshop employment over competitive/supported employment. The results were not surprising.  Of those who responded, 25% have had competitive employment but came to the workshop system to get more hours, find more success, and prefer the overall environment here. 42% were unsuccessful at either getting hired in other industries or succeeding for any length of time, so they came to the workshop. All of the respondents agreed that they want to work. They enjoy coming to work each day, earning their own money, helping their families, and love the sense of pride and accomplishment of a job well done.

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Employment at Valley Industries