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  • Kit Building and Cartoning, Contract Packaging, Assembly/Disassembly by Hand or Tool, Parts Cleaning, Safety Equipment Cleaning, Certified Inspection, Mailing, Recycling, Commercial Laundry, FDA Certified/Missouri Board of Pharmacy Licensed, and More…


Valley Industries offers a full range of kitting services. Kitting is the assembling of individual items into ready-to-ship kits with one SKU. Kitting saves our customers space, time and money by decreasing inventory space and streamlining the gathering and assembly process.

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Valley Industries can provide many types of assembly including specialty, promotional, and seasonal items along with customized packaging of drugs and other products requiring full accountability.

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Valley Industries can complete many types of packaging including hand and machine packaging. Our machine packaging includes shrink wrapping, blister packs, heat seals, poly bags, banding, tying, electronic counting scales, computerized UPS online professional shipping, and ink jet code printing.

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Scale & Counting

Valley Industries has the capability to perform precise hand counting services, and also has an abundance of electronic weigh counting scales that can be used for counting material or items for bundling, rubber banding, shrink wrapping, polybagging, etc.

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Mail & UPS Shipping

Valley Industries prepares Bulk Mail, First Class, and Priority Mail. Our mailing services include folding, stapling, stuffing, edge sealing, labeling, sealing, metering and deliver to the Post Office. Computerized UPS Shipping via On-Line Professional is available as well as full UPS and Next Day Air services.

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FDA Certified Projects

Valley Industries is FDA Certified to repackage drug and medical devices. We are also licensed by the Missouri Board of Pharmacy. Our quality control and record keeping are second to none. We have a state of the art monitored burglar and fire alarm to protect your inventory.

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Our collating services include assembling literature into specific order to be used in catalogs, mailings, kits, or other items.

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Precision Folding & Labeling

Valley Industries offers many types of precision folding and labeling services including pressure sensitive (peel-n-stick) labels to cans and bottles, or affixing various sizes of labels to many different surfaces along with applying overlay labels to correct printing errors or poor copy.

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Industrial Cleaning

Valley Industries can provide industrial laundry and commercial parts cleaning services. We have cleaning equipment to clean large and small parts that are heavily or only lightly soiled or degreasing. We can also provide professional industrial laundry cleaning services of linens, uniforms, and any other laundry for all types of businesses.

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We are your Sheltered Workshop PARTNER for Outsource Flexible Contract Packaging, Assembly, Kitting, & Distribution.

Valley Industries is YOUR 60,000 sq. ft. facility with 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse (800 pallet capacity), ISO 9001:2015 certified assembly and distribution plant in the Midwest.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and committed to customer satisfaction through audited quality processes. Our 501C3 Not for Profit sheltered workshop mission is to provide dignified and meaningful employment for adults with developmental disabilities while providing outstanding quality and services for our valued customers.

We provide:

  • Kit building, cartoning, weigh counting
  • Recycling services (paper, plastic, & metal)
  • Contract packaging
  • shrink wrapping, blister packaging, shrink banding, poly bagging, twin packing
  • FDA Certified for pharmaceutical and food packaging
  • Parts cleaning, sorting, hand and tool assembly & disassembly
  • Commercial laundry
  • Safety equipment cleaning with certified safety equipment inspectors
  • Mailing services
  • Collating, labeling, folding, stuffing
  • USPS, UPS, FedEx or trucking & shipping capability world wide
  • Other flexible, labor intensive services available upon request

What does ISO 9001:2015 Certification mean to our customers? CLICK HERE!

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Some Words from Our Customers…

Tod YazdiTAGG Logistics

Valley Industries is an essential partner to TAGG Logistics. We collaborate with Valley personnel daily, coordinating a variety of packaging, kitting and assembly projects. Valley's relationship with TAGG gives us the ability to utilize both an embedded workforce at TAGG’s fulfillment center, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of the workforce at Valley's facility. Having the speed and flexibility to complete smaller packaging runs, or unique, one-time projects at TAGG, while also having the capability to undertake large, complex or longer-term packaging runs utilizing Valley’s facility is a huge advantage for TAGG. In addition, the support and dedication of the Valley team and their passion in finding solutions to their customer’s needs is reflected in the work they do for TAGG everyday.

Tom Gunn, Ret. VP MarketingBoeing

It’s a totally affordable business relationship with Valley Industries. At Boeing we have many competitions for quality work. Quality is important when you are designing and making fighter aircraft and helicopters. It is really important that you have the best products available that will last a long time and are totally reliable… When aircraft go in for normal maintenance, there are some wing fasteners that are loose, dirty, or somewhat corroded. What we really want to do is use them again, if we can, because we know that they worked in the past. So, we have competed to get people to clean them, and we awarded the contract to Valley because where we normally would get 63% quality work elsewhere. We got over 99% good quality with Valley.

David Robnak, PresidentCentral Paper Stock Co., Inc.

Central Paper Stock has used Valley Industries for special projects consistently for over nineteen years. I would highly recommend their services for several reasons: 1.) They have always done the job correctly for us the first time; 2.) They are always willing to try a job from us to see if it is feasible; 3.) The employees at Valley Industries are easy to work with, and very helpful and customer friendly; 4.) Their facilities can accommodate tractor-trailers and they have equipment to load and unload trucks quickly and safely; 5.) Sending work to Valley Industries keeps people with special needs employed with a meaningful job.

Kent Kreh, Retired President & Chief Executive OfficerWeight Watchers International, Inc.

I was truly awestruck with the talent, dedication and commitment to excellence of your colleagues. To see the diligence displayed as they worked on several projects was very special.

Rob Birenbaum, PresidentHQ Percussion Products

I want to take this opportunity to stress how important you and your entire staff have all been to the success of HQ Percussion. Your genuine interest in our wellbeing, your cooperation and your attention to solving all problems does not go unnoticed. I know that we would not be where we are today without your involvement. It's almost as if you are a part of our company. ...You are true "partners."

Kelly Kim, Promotion AssociateNew York, NY

You have made Gourmet feel welcome and were always eager to help ensure the success of our events. A salute to you and Valley Industries!

Christopher Hickey, Business ManagerHistoryonics Theatre Company

I just wanted to write and thank you for all of your assistance in preparing for the Historyonics seasonal brochure mailing. We've been receiving very positive feedback on the new brochure design from those on our mailing list. The Workshop played a big part in the brochure's production, and I wanted to thank you personally.

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