Teri Wilson

Employee Service Provider

Teri joined Valley Industries in 2004, as “Employee Service Provider”.  Over the last 13 years, the job duties have evolved to include the hiring process of our developmentally disabled workers.  Teri works closely with the DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), the Department of Mental Health, Regional Center, and the teachers in the Special School District, along with other area agencies.  Teri is an advocate for our production workers and their best interests.  Teri completed a course in Mental Health First Aid USA, which is a 3 year certification.  She has completed courses in Autism Training, and Asperger’s Awareness.  Teri is also Valley Industries’ Safety Director, coordinating the variety of safety drills, safety inspections, and staff trainings.  She completed a Supervisor Safety Workshop offered by SWIM/DESE/MASWM, and also an OSHA Compliance seminar.  She has worked with MO Dept of Labor to coordinate their voluntary safety inspections at Valley to help keep our employees safe.

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